What is Time?

The clock always goes forward and never backwards, and so our time to take off to Italy is getting shorter by the day. Soon we will be in the car headed south for San Francisco to fly out to our Milan destination. Linda is busy confirming our reservations, counting the Euro’s, and following links to bulletin boards dedicated to travel to find us great places to eat and easy ways to get around.

My time has been to check FoxNews, USAToday, and CNN Travel pages to see if there is anything that is interesting or that we should pay attention to. Just tonight I found out that zippered suitcases can be easily broken into and put back so it looks like nothing was tampered with. Now that is scary! It is so easy a child could do it. We have been reading about pick-pockets and how they distract people so never stop watching your stuff! Most people have not had problems but when you get into places that are crowded, anything can happen. We have some special bags (Paksafe ) to prevent theft as they have metal built into the straps and special layers to prevent cutting with a sharp knife. We also found some devices that have twist locks to help jam up anyone thinking of wanting to slide zippers.

We are going light by living out of simple roller bags. Nothing that is so large it has to be checked into luggage. In the bag we have a weeks clothing until we can get to somewhere we can use a washer/dryer (lavanderia). So we are getting excited. We are now down to trying to figure out if the iPhone 5 will work for a GPS unit instead of having to buy one . Go prepared and come back with “Awesome!” Here is a teaser of one of our future locations: Image CIao for now. Christopher and Linda


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