We Are On The Way

You think you have got everything ready to go then you start going over everything little detail just to be sue, because once you go out the door you really can’t go back unless it is a dire need kind of item. We zipped up the cases, tossed them in the trunk, said a prayer and we were off to lands unknown.

Traffic was very light all the way down even over the “new” Bay Bridge it was free moving and no slow downs. However it was like walking out of the 100 deg oven in Cottonwood into the blast chiller of the SF bay at 59 deg. BRRR!

We are expecting a 3 AM wake up call so we can be at the airport at 4:15. I hope I can drag my tired body out of the bed and into the shower. We took the advice of our friends to stay at the Oyster Point Inn. Bit of an oddity to get here, but well worth the effort.


Oyster Point Inn South San Francisco

Oyster Point Inn South San Francisco

The host was very informative on check in and we got a nice room. To bad we are not going to be here longer as I am sure i is a lovely place to just hang about.

The King size room

The King size room

A nice gas fireplace, a room over looking the marina and a whole lot more. This room is neat, clean and in good order just as the picture suggests.

For now Linda and I are lights out and in a few hours we will be through security check point and wheels up for the east coast. Nerves of steel and apprehension of the unknown makes for an interesting unconventional pair of emotions.

Buono Notte


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