Wheels up

Buon Giorno Ladies and Gentlemen, we are half way to our destination. We are cruising at an altitude of 35,000 feet and an outside temperature of -61 F. We expect to land on time in Milan at 8:42 local time.”


Today has been an adventure for the both of us. The 3:00 AM phone call came way to soon. The taxi took us to the airport, got our boarding passes and headed to security clearance. All of our bags cleared with out any trouble and we were on our way to the gate. We loaded, door closed, pushed back, fired the engines and as we taxied we were told that there is a weather hold for Newark due to severe weather. So we sat quietly on the tarmac waiting for a new clearance. Patience is required as it is out of your control. A half hour goes by and we are off the ground. As we flew over th Appalachians we were asked to buckle up and all personnel to return to their seats. It was a minor bumpy for turbulence for a short time and it smoothed out. Then as we came into Newark with the NYC skyline in the back ground we encountered some of the after effects of the weather with a few good bumps. We taxi to our gate only 15 minutes behind schedule with the pilot making up half of the delay. Thank you United!

Having lunch in Newark NJ

Having lunch in Newark NJ

As we left our parking gate headed towards our boarding gate for Milan, we saw all kinds of TSA agents running out of the security area we were passing. “Everyone stop where you are and do not move!” Oh, this is interesting! As I look around TSA agents are running around, congregating in front of one of the security lines. Time came to a halt both in an out of the security area. Then the police start to show up, and then the guys in the suits with radios in hand finish out the cadre. In the mean time agents were yelling for everyone to not move as the pile up of people on the back of us starts to fill the hall. Linda and I look at each other like what is happening here. I just smiled and said, “Rembmber, our vacation is an adventure!” I smiled and chuckled. I could just see us all being ushered out of the terminal and then having to go back through security as our flight takes off with out us. So there we stand for 15 minutes watching to see what comes next. Then the all clear comes for everyone to start moving again.

As we pass another security check point we encounter a mob of people trying to pass through the exit point to baggage claim. No one is moving but we both feel like a local salmon trying to get up stream to the Coleman hatchery there is so many people as we edge our way through the crowd single file.

I am in the middle seat in the 18th row. Linda is asleep on one side and on the other side a guy sound asleep. So we are flying on as I am sandwiched in between. Ah! The joys of flying.

In closing you are standing in line waiting to get into heaven. A priest is in front of you telling St. Peter why he should get into heaven. A pilot comes walking up and goes right in through the Pearly Gates. The priest is dumbstruck, and says, “Why does he get in to heaven and I don’t?” St. Peter said to him, “It is simple. When he flew people prayed. When you preached people went to sleep.”

Arrividerci for now. Tomorrow (today) we are in Milan!





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