Nice is wonderfully nice

Linda and I head out this morning in search of breakfast not to far from the hotel. The weather is comfortable as we are near the ocean, wearing our comfortable clothes for the day searching for Marc Chagall.

Three blocks down on the corner near the beach we find a small cafe setting up for the day. The menu looks good, affordable and the young lady was very helpful. So we order breakfast which was really tasty! Linda had a chocolate croissant,fresh squeezed orange juice, fresh baguette, and hot tea. I had a large freshly prepared fruit cup, baguette with jam, fresh croissant and a cup of coffee.chagall-3



What we didn’t know was “where” to catch the bus, as we were given directions to the back of the Gallerie Lafayette. We wander around the local park in search of the bus stop but a local pointed us in the right direction with French which we could only guess what he meant.



Linda and Christopher in he Piaza Lafayette

Yes, thchagall-10at is true as we found out, but what we didn’t know was that the bus stop was around the corner on a small side street. I found the bus stop with all the buses that service that location.

Bus 15 is the bus you catch to the Chagall Museum up the hill from town. You pay 1.5 Euro for each person one way. You pay the driver, he gives you a ticket you validate in the box about 2 steps away. Most people are using the RFI cards where you just swipe your card across the face of the machine to get on. Of course there are the free riders who sneak on behind a large crowd and find a place to sit while you are still transacting business.

There is the modern tram that gets you around town that turns not to far from this beautiful fountain of a man with horses.

Up the hill we go with the bus driver saying to the throng in the bus to get off here at this stop. We pile out and like a small herd we wander across the street towards the Chagall Museum, down the steps towards the admission office. Inside we pay the 6 Euro special for Sunday admission to get into the museum. Linda spots the store and I have to gently pull her towards the museum. Once inside you show your receipt and exchange a drivers license or passport for a head set in your language to explain the meanings of the works of art.

Around a corner you go and visually a large room with very large paintings greets your arrival. Down in the corner is a small black numbered square to indicate which audio selection to explain the artists meaning of the various art pieces.


Linda in the Chagall museum



Moses receiving the tablets from God


Noah after the flood with the rainbow


Adam and Eve in the garden

Linda has some lithographs and books that are excellent works, but there is nothing like seeing the art in person and listening to someone explain all of the religious symbolism.

Yes Christopher had to drag me away from the store. For sale were beautiful plates embossed with the works of Marc Chagall. This is one of the things on my bucket list and it really wasn’t that convenient to depart from our schedule in Italy but this Museum did not disappoint. By arriving early we were able to sit by each original piece and admire chagall’s work depicting parts of the old testament without being overrun by tour groups.

We head out back to town for lunch as we have massages booked at 2:00, then watching the French open Mens Final being played in Paris France. As we arrive at our destination we scour the streets for a place to eat. We end up at the same small cafe where we had breakfast. They smile, remembering us from just a few hours ago and say ” Bonjour” and we decide they food was great so why not eat here again. Good thing we are walking as the air seems to increase your appetite. Back at the room we head to the Spa for an hour of  relief from our sore muscles.Christopher’s first massage so I hope we can crawl back to our rooms.



One thought on “Nice is wonderfully nice

  1. Sounds like a great day! I love the pics. I’m so happy you were able to go to the museum. Matt & the boys say “hello”.

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