Little Town of Colorno

Colorno (Sacca) Italy

Colorno (sacca) Italy

We said goodbye to our friends at Hotel Berna and headed to the airport to pick up our rental car. After seeing the crazy drivers in Milan I’m a little hesitant to let Christopher on the road with these maniacs. He has been to race car driving school so I’m feeling better. We are given a Fiat 500 for our car and although it doesn’t look bigger than a bug it is quite roomy on the inside. We head out with our maps we printed at home and our trusty GPS unit. We head on the autostrada and it turns all crazy. The TomTom is instructing us to take a second turn after the crossover. What the heck is a crossover? We are barely out of the terminal and we are already lost.There are hords of cars parked along the side of the road. Could it be other lost souls? We decide to just forge ahead and see where it takes us. Finally Mr. Tomtom says turn right after the first crossover. We figure if we are lost it will tell us to turn around.

Colorno scenery

Colorno scenery

We arrive in the small town of Colorno where the 14th annual boat races are being held.


We are invited guests of Fabio. We head to the hotel restaurant for a quick lunch…it seems we are always eating.colorno-11

Up until this point of our trip the language barrier hasn’t seemed so great. Here in Colorno almost no English is spoken. The waitress just looks at us and shakes her head in frustration and sends over her male counterpart. I see burro on the menu and debate if I’m going Vegan. We meet another of Christopher’s Italian friends and his wife. Alberto and Catia. We spend the afternoon at the races with them. They own a 14 acre winery outside of Milan. We talk food, wine and boats.


Christopher meets his friend Fabio and is given a pass and special t-shirt. We head down where they are launching the boats.







Hydroplane racer being lowered into the water

These are magnificent small boats powered by Alfa Romeo engines. There are boats from Italy, France, Switzerland and Germany.

We head back to the Restaurant during lunch break and again they look at us with frustration, Christopher shows me on the menu a word he says means veal. Okay we order it. I say” Are you sure it won’t be donkey”.? I remember Catia saying they serve donkey in Venice. No donkey comes but a wonderful piece of Veal and Rosemary potatoes. Alberto invites us to share a glass of wine and conversation. What a great day! Off tomorrow to Brescia to see Compagnia Del Colore factory. This is the factory that makes the hair color that I use. Ciao!


A volunteer


Hydroplane launching crew prepping a boat for the next race.


Future boat racer



Two of the larger hydroplane boats in a race (click to view larger image)


One thought on “Little Town of Colorno

  1. Hilarious!!!! I could hardly read this during lunch…especially the donkey part of the post. Love you guys.

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