My Capelli Day (hair)

After a very relaxing weekend at the river we head to Brecia where the factory is that manufactures the hair color that I use. We are to be the their guests for the day. They have scheduled a tour of the factory, their main office, lunch and then a VIP treatment for me! I’m so excited to meet Fredrica whom I have been corresponding with for quite sometime.


Linda in front of the entrance to the NG Group offices


NG Group flag welcoming us to a 130 country business

We pull up to the door and are surprised to be greeted by Mr.Giancarlo Negretti the founder of Compagnia  Del Colore. He has us in stitches with his broken English along with the rapid hand gestures.


Sr. Giancarlo Negretti welcomes Linda.

He then instructs 2 employees to give us a tour of everything. We are then taken to the factory where everything is top secret. We are told that very few people actually get to see inside the manufacturing plant.  We are told that if we say anything they will have to kill us ( in so many nice words). What I can tell you is it is very state of the art and the only one of it’s kind in the world.   We were shown the very latest addition to their product line , a product called “Argon Velvet”, launched last month after eighteen months of research. Wow is all I can say.

CDC new Arghan Oil product line

CDC new Arghan Oil product line

Fredrica took us to lunch at a typical trattoria, that caters to businesses in the area. She ordered for us as the menu was all in Italian. We had a special pasta that takes a long time to make, with shrimp,zucchini cooked in a cream sauce. Very delicious. After lunch and getting to know each other we headed back to the office. We walk in the door and she announces ” Fabrizio is waiting for you”  I think I’m blushing!


Fabrizio Siddi is the Education Manager for the company. We head up the stairs while Fredrica explains he is going to color my hair and give me a special treatment with the new product ” Argon Velvet “.

Linda listening to Fabizio explain to Federica how he is going to color Linda's hair.

Linda listening to Fabizio explain to Federica how he is going to color Linda’s hair.


Fabrizio is from Sardinia has been doing hair for 30 years. My hair is already short enough as I had it cut while we were in Torino last week. The temperatures were in the high 80’s with 85% humidity. I had to get rid of some hair. We discuss my color as Christopher  takes pictures. Fabrizio says I need to keep the color soft and illuminate  it with light pieces.Saying it in broken English with a smile, who am I to argue. I sit while the color is applied, then the foils.

bergamo1-5 bergamo1-6 bergamo1-7

By this time I’m am so sleepy, then I turn around to look at the bag he has his tools in. It is so beautiful I gasp and say” Wow look at that”. Fabrizio smiles and picks up his cell phone, talking and smiling. The next thing I know Fredrica comes in with the rolling tote , orange and black,  complete with the company logo. She asks me if I would like it. I’m not sure if they sell them so i ask “How much”? Fredrica says ” It is a gift for you”. I almost start crying. Well so much for carry on’s, I’m not leaving without this case.


My color is ready to come off. I’m now treated to a head massage and an application of the “Argon Velvet”.  Now i’m really headed for sleepy time. The color looks great and very natural. Fredrica then comes and takes us to meet the sales team and their conference room.


NG Group meeting room


Linda and Federica at the end of the day


She loads me up with hair goodies and we are done for the day. It is now 6:00 and we are headed to Bergamo for our next stay. I’m feeling very much like a spoiled princess right now. I have loved this colorline since 2005 and now I have a new appreciation for what the company does. Off to Bergamo!


4 thoughts on “My Capelli Day (hair)

    • The company really rolled out the red carpet for Linda. I was impressed by the whole outfit, they are truly a cutting edge company…yes put intended!

  1. Your hair looks fantastic. This trip is amazing. You are truly being blessed by out Lord. Love you guys.

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