Upper Bergamo Day 1

We found this beautiful B&B in upper Bergamo Italy while looking for a place to stay while we were here on business. More about the place and location in the next post. for now I will say the view is spectacular.

After we left CDC we went to check into our hotel. The closer we got into the upper part of the city, the more narrow the streets became. Nothing has really been done to the streets to widen them, the residents just accommodate to the situation and the traffic just makes it worse.

We find the turn off to the B&B only because the TomTom GPS is barking at us to “turn around and turn right at the first street.” Ok, I thought I did that….No! Wait…there between the buildings is a street. I make the turn and we start up this very narrow road that climbs the side of the hill like a snail going up a glass door. We manage in 1st gear to make these 90 degree turns that are blind only to be met with someone coming down. Yikes! The sign says two way traffic. Yeah right! On what..bicycles? We manage to drive by the location and then turn around to find it by going slowly for house numbers. You should see how upset the locals get with someone going “really slow.” *LOL* Thank the Lord for small favors when it comes to parking this Fiat 500c as it can squeeze into small spaces. I think that mouse in my pocket was holding its breath while I managed the to park the car.

Our host greets us, checks us in and shows us to our room. It is very spacious, well appointed and very up to date. We gather ourselves in 10 min and we are off to town. The driver explains that he has been driving this street for some years and he feels confident. I wish I could say he same thing.

Entrance to Upper Bergamo city

Entrance to Upper Bergamo city

We are dropped in town and he said he would pick us up in 3 hours. We walk into the town center through some “very narrow” streets. I don’t know how a big car can pass!

Narrow streets of Bergamo Upper City

Narrow streets of Bergamo Upper City

We find Sant’ d’ Ambrosia from TripAdvisor and put in our order for ravioli tonight . We polished that off pretty good, only to have it start to rain.


Sant d’Ambrosia restaurant




IThe weather has turn chilly and windy. We call to have us pcked up before the time was up.

Some thoughts of the city run through my mind trying not to think of the  twisty narrow road back to the B&B.

bergamo1-12 bergamo1-13 bergamo1-15

bergamo1-20 bergamo1-18

We down load the pictures, charge the batteries and tomorrow we are off to Lake Como for lunch onthe lake.

*If you were not aware, you can click on the images to enlarge them for more clarity. This is for all images since the beginning post..*


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