Lake Como

como-1Looking out the window we see gray sky and moisture all over the plants. Looks like rain for the forecast today as we head out for Lake Como. Linda wants to buy an umbrella, it is just that we have no idea where to even go find one. So, this being the adventure it is, we just throw caution to the wind and head out hoping there is no rain for the day.


FIAT 500 C with a 1200 cc manual trans


Villacita B&B


The view from the B&B looking down on Bergamo





The GPS is programmed to Sal Comacina. These narrow streets are something else. The GPS takes us down into the outskirts of the old part of Bergamo where only one car can pass through. Linda believes that I am going to leave white paint on the walls or on the side of some guys car it is so narrow. Down the windy cobblestone streets and finally onto the autostrada to Como.

narrow blind corners

narrow blind corners

Yes, I think we are going to have a head-on anytime now.


Comacina – the yellow house is the restaurant

como-15 We come in view of the lake and it is breathtaking. We had a reservation at a restaurant on the Isle De Comincina but decided to just drive down by the lake, explore and see what we find. como-27

como-18 Christopher stops along the narrow road and we walk so we can get a closer look  at this exquisite mansion and Cathedral.The architecture is something else.


view from our table

como-11We continue on our way and finally find a place to park legally! Down the stairs there is a restaurant with seating overlooking lake Como. It is early for dinner by Italian time but we are starving. We ask if they can seat us and they say yes. We are the only patrons and  are given  the full treatment. To our delight the waiter speaks fluent English and is delighted to serve us extra items to try. This has to be one of the best meals either of us has ever had.


como-14 We start with a marinated Tuna tartar and a side of crispy fried potatoes with rosemary. The main dish we choose is Risotto topped with fresh perch fillets cooked in butter. The Risotto was creamy with Padano cheese.

como-6  como-9

We decided we had to have dessert to complete our afternoon. We were given chocolate lava cake with a berry sorbet with Prosecco. The waiter then brought yet another dessert. We told him we were finished but thanks anyway. Matia said ” You must try this”. It was a lemon slice dipped in white chocolate. como-12 como-13 You wouldn’t think it would be much of anything but the flavors together, Wow!. We are going to have a hard time eating our simple food when we return home. We head down by the lake and walk off all those thousands of calories we just consumed. We were waddling like ducks. It was a relaxing day with a fine meal and walking the beautiful Lake Como.

como-17 como-22

como-23 como-26

como-21 como-20

como-19ncomo-25 como-28


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