Bergamo 2

We had our last breakfast at the Villacita B&B. We ran into another American from California, actually Monterey pennisula. We chatted for a few minutes and he says that his wife is here on a book  tour group in Lake Como. We asked who it was and he said we would know her as a Pulitzer Prize winner of “A Thousand Acres.” Turns out it is Jane Smiley.

We drive back to Milan and return the car, pick the train back to Milan Central to find our favorite Hotel Berna waiting for us. Linda has been downsizing her clothes as she has been walking so much that her pants are falling down. I decide to take her shopping for pants over on Via Venezia where where the “more trendy” stores are located. Linda loves to look into salons, so we make regular stops every time we pass one so she can pick up “ideas”. It is nice to have an open agenda day to just watch people and look at the sights.

I see a store and pull her inside to see if there is anything she would like to look at. After much prodding and looking for a size that would fit, Linda winds up with some nice Italian skinny jeans. Of course then just down the way is a store with “shoes.” I wait outside for a while until one of the clerks motions for me to come inside. Inside I find Linda wearing some “trendy” work shoes that are really awesome.

Linda and I wind our way back to the hotel but not before stopping at Grom. Now for those who do not know, Grom is known for the best Gelato. The line was out the door. Linda comes out with a cup of Pistachio and a big grin. There is a wide variety of gelato every where we go in tastes and mixes. We find some that are smooth, but lacking flavor. Others have flavor and ground up nuts inside. Now if there was a way to mix the two, it would be a hit. Oh, and don’t buy green pistachio as it is the “fake” stuff. The real deal is a light brown.

We are settling in for the night when a huge thunderstorm hits the town with a deluge.



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