Wine & Cook Tour of Tuscany Part 2

Walking down into the cellar our guide Steve explained about the different classifications of wine on the Grignano estate. Most of the wines have the DOCG label.With that label it specifies how it is to be produced.

The first thing you must have is 90% of Italian grapes that are grown on your vineyard. The other 10% can be made from non Italian grapes. The earliest a Chianti can be released is after 6 months of aging. The Grignano ages their Chianti at least 18 months. The vineyard cannot produce more than 3 tons per acre and must have at least a 12% alcohol content.

The early Chianti was made with Sangiovese grapes ,one other red grape wine and two white wines were used . Now only red wines are used.

The early makers used Chestnut barrels while today they use white oak. The white oak barrels are toasted on the inside and there is a mark on the outside by the barrel maker to show it was done. On to the tasting!



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