What is the Uffizi? We knew it was one of the most famous museums in the world, but had no idea of the depth and vast amount of art it held. We booked it for later in the day after the Academia to have lunch and walk around.

During our lunch time we walked through Florences’s Mercato with vast array of stalls selling everything imagininable. The pervasive smell of leather was wafting through the air as you went by the vendors showing purses, jackets, boots and accessories in a myriad of colors. Most of the items were imitation but it all gave for an interesting feel and look.

We had on recommendation to search out Gusta Pizza (not Gusto) as there are two on the same street. We had the address as 46R, thinking it was 46Right. We walk down the street seeing Gusto Pizza and we know we should be seeking out Gusta. We walk and walk asking for directions for 46R as we came to the end of the street. A shop owner was kind enough to explain that the address is 46 RED showing that the addresses are both in black/white and separately as red. Now we can see how people can get lost if you don’t know how to read an address.

Best pizza in Florence

Best pizza in Florence

Address in "red" for 46R

Address in “red” for 46R

As we find Gusta Pizza we walk into the fragrant smell of pizza cooking in a wood fired oven. The only thing on the menu is just a few basic kinds. There is a line out the door and we manage to squeeze into a table with two empty seats. This is family seating so you don’t know who you are sitting with. It is very simple and delicious!

We leave behind Pizza Gusta and head out for the Uffizi Galllery. As we pass by a open piazza we see a crowd surrounding a bride getting her pre wedding portrait done. Christopher grabs a picture of the bride as well. and compliments the photographer for a beautiful bride. I cannot imagine trying to shoot in a crowd like this as it would be definitely challenging.

ufizzi-91 ufizzi-92

The ticket office once we find it gives us our tickets and explains to go into door number 1 of 3. Reminds me of Monte Hall and pick a door! The line that goes into door #2 is for those with no reservations and wraps around the building. We are thankful that we booked ahead and saved hours of standing in line.

Is it real or is it a statue?

Is it real or is it a statue?

Just outside the entrance to the Uffizi Museum you will find something that defies your eyes as you have to look real close to see if it is real or not.

We clear security and decide that since everyone was headed to the first floor, we choose to go up to the 3rd floor. Little did we know that there were stairs upon stairs and more stairs toget to the upper level. To say the least it was a challenge to go up the 100 steps! It got some people to make them pause to catch their breath. A nice cardio exercise after lunch. The work out was well worth it.

Again we are not much into Rennaisance art of statuary, and the largest collecion of Roman busts of any museum. You really don’t have to know much about the art except to marvel at their beauty.

As we are walking through one of the galleries we look up at the frescos that line the ceilings stopping to smile that people never look up and miss half the masterpieces. There are rows of portraits along with the ceiling art that you do not see unless you look up.

The stairs did us in, so we caught a electric pedicab back driven by Marco, to the bus station as we knew we couldn’t make the walk back.

We caught the bus back up the mountain to our retreat. Jumping off the bus we headed to the local market where we pick up some veggies and fruit. The trudge up the hill was daunting to say the least (Ugh!) We climb more stairs to the apartment and crash.


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