Where is the Fig Leaf?

Arising early in the “castle tower”, we get ourselves out the door, and down the hill to catch the bus in to town. I have to share this with you, if you are old enough to remember at Disneyland the ride called “Mr. Toads Wild Ride.” It was a C ticket and it wasn’t long, but it was definitely memorable. It was a ride through a mythical town at night where all kinds of things would act like they were going to fall on you, going around crazy corners and other stuff, to make it seem like it was out of control. That is what this bus ride was like.The buses are clean, in good order and the drivers are all different on how they handle the road up and down to San Donato.

The road is narrow in spots and tight corners where the bus slows down, honks it horn on a blind curve and narrowly misses cars coming the other way. Linda said she must have had “ten heart attacks” on the way down to town.

Our plans for the day include going to the Academia Museum in downtown Florence. The main reason to visit this museum is to see Michaelangelo’s David. After our crazy  bus ride down the hill that nearly gives us heart attacks, we arrive in the center at 9:00 for our reserved time. We look at the long line of people standing as they wait in line for a few hours and wonder why they didn’t buy their tickets on line.


Waiting in line to see David

Waiting in line to see David

A small portion of the line around he block to see David

A small portion of the line around he block to see David

Once inside, we have to we have to go through a security check point where your bags are scanned and given a wand check for for forbidden items. We see tour groups behind us, so we head directly to see David. It is much larger and more life like than any photographs we have seen. The marble is so smooth showing every detail. The coloring in the marble gives the statue gives a lifelike representation of veins. The workmanship was so impressive you just stand there staring.

Going to the left of David is another gallery of statuary showing figurines and busts. You marvel at the quality of the artists. We don’t know much about this style of art, even an novice can appreciate this style of art.

As we leave the gallery there are 4 of Michaelangelo’s unfinished works. You wonder what they would have looked like had he finished them.

You can not help but to not stop and turn around to take one last glance at the statue of David as you leave.

Last look

Last look




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