Discovering Rome and Leonardo

As much as we loved the view from the tower, we were ready to leave the stairs behind and head out to Rome. We waited at the bus stop wondering if the buses ran on Sundays. The little cafe on the corner was doing a brisk business before church for capachino’s and croissants. The bus came on time and we loaded on and headed down the hill. We didn’t sit in the front because  of our previous experiences when it came to some of those blind corners!

We find the Italo high speed train to Rome and board up. We have assigned seating and they are very comfortable. The Italo train is very fast traveling between 150 mph and 180 mph depending up on the section of track. Each seat has a power socket for powering up your devices if you have the adapter which makes it easy to work if you commute.


We heard about the possible pick pockets on the metro line, so we opted to have a driver pick us up which ended up being cheaper than taking a cab.

We arrive at the hotel, check in to our room, and head out for a walk to get our bearings.

Albergo Cesari est. 1787

Albergo Cesari est. 1787

The Panthenon which is just a couple of blocks away and we are amazed at the number of people that are in the piazza and going into the building. Strangely enough it is very quiet considering the number of people. It is really an amazing building. It is a church with the largest dome of its type in the world.

We journeyed over to the Piazza Novona which has 3 fountains. There are musicians playing in the square which makes for a nice ambiance. We listen for a while and head on to explore.

On a quiet side street we run into the Leonardo Di Vinci museum which is quite off the beaten path. We purchase our tickets and are pleasantly surprised at what we find. He was a true genius and a man of many talents. As we say, he was the “Thomas Edison of his time.” The inventions we find in the museum are exact replicas made by artisans in Florence from his note books.

rome1-58 rome1-65  rome1-67 rome1-71 rome1-74 rome1-76

We decide to take advantage of the upper deck of our hotel and have a light supper. Two couples ask if they could join us, which leads to an interesting conversation. We find out that we have cars in common which brings a lively discussions. The women are discussing traveling and Trip Advisor.

Bed comes early for us as we have to be up early and go on the ScavI Tour. It is a tour of the necropolis of the underground Vatican.


4 thoughts on “Discovering Rome and Leonardo

  1. Rome is one of my favorite cities in the world. Your day sounds amazing. Can’t wait to see the pictures. Love you.

  2. We found Rome to be interesting city and at the cross roads of the world with all the different ethnic groups walking by. So many little streets and places to eat, it is hard sometimes to pick where you are going to dine out for the evening. There are so many pictures we don’t have space to put them all up. We are only putting a “taste” of Italy for your enjoyment. Stay tuned…more coming.

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