No Boloney in Bologna

We just booked one day in Bologna to see the city, relax and regroup before heading to Venice. Arriving at 11:00 to pouring rain that is quite a change from the really warm weather we have encountered. Our hotel is located just a few blocks away. We unpack and head out to explore. The city , in our opinion, doesn’t have the wow factor that we have been seeing. We find the place our hotel has recommended for lunch and enjoy some great food with amazing flavors. After lunch we start walking back and Christopher notices an Alfa Romeo car dealership. Of course we have to go inside. In the showroom they have a new Giulietta GTa premier edition on display. We go find the owner who happens to be an elderly lady, and ask her if we can look over the car as we can’t get these in the USA yet. She speaks broken English and says “Fine”. After awhile we head back to her desk to chat. ¬†Christopher mentions he has a sprint speciale, spider veloce, and he starts to say another car and the owner says “Come with me”. We follow her to an elevator and get in. We look at each other as to say what is going on. We stop in the basement and to our surprise it is filled with cars…rare cars…lots of them. She shows us her and her late husbands car collection that makes Christopher’s eyes bug out of his head. He is like a kid in a candy store. We are sure these cars haven’t been shown to anyone outside of family and her closest friends. Most of the collection are Alfa Romeo’s and a rare vintage FIAT that tops 1 million. To a car enthusiastic this is a rare opportunity. We chat for awhile and exchange email addresses. Who would have thought just by walking into a car dealership we would have this great experience. It made Christoper’s day, no make that his year. I’m glad we decided to see Bologna for the day. Expect the unexpected. On to Venice!


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