On to the underground

I’ve decided to visit a salon in Rome whose owners are from my neck of
the woods down in San Diego. We head out to the area by the Vatican for my 12:00 appointment. I have a great conversation with Rick the owner of Noi Salon. We talk about the business and how it has evolved. My appoinment is with Patrizia. She suggests I go shorter with my style and I say sure it will grow. Patrizia is from Australia and quite a kick. We have similar cutting styles and use a lot of the same products. Had a great afternoon. Bringing back some cool ideas.


Our underground tour of the Coliseum which entails seeing how the Gladiator acts were set up and how the animals were transported to the upper levels was scheduled for later in the day to escape the hot Roman sun.The Coliseum was originally Nero’s home and gardens. An ancient amphitheater in Rome around 70 A.D. started by Vespasian.  It as hard to imagine that 80,000 people were in this structure. All the important people had their names on their seats. You were also seated by class meaning the slaves were seated in the nosebleed section. The games were an all day affair. The animal acts were first then ending with the Gladiators.

Off to Bologna tomorrow!




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