Heading Home

With much sadness we leave beautiful Italy. We have enjoyed out trip immensely. Leaving the Malpensa Sheraton, we being our long flight home. The MIlan Malpensa airport is one of the busiest airports in Italy. We walked from one end of terminal 1 to the other to check in at the United counter, and back to the gate.

After a very long flight of 9 hours we land in Newark N.J. airport. We head through customs and recheck our luggage. An unusual thing that we thought was that they swabbed our hand for gun powder residue. We board for our last leg to San Francisco. We were spoiled on the way across the ocean as we had movies to watch. The last leg didn’t have any entertainment and made for a “very” long flight.

We end where we began at the Oyster Point Hotel, enjoyed a great dinner as well a long nights sleep before heading for home.

Some pictures from the Guggenheim Museum.


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