Vivi Venice


The title translated means “live Venice”, Our first view of Venice was crossing the bridge from the mainland to the islands of Venice. There was this huge bay of water and soon we were off the train and standing in front of a Venetian canal with boats going, coming and a sea of people.You think you are prepared to see a city surrounded by water but it is truly amazing. We had heard that there was an abundance of dog poo and trash everywhere but the city is kept up quite nicely. The only poo we saw was the paddie that ended up on Christopher’s shoe. It is quite crowded, we saw people from all over the world and wearing every thing as far as clothing you can imagine. We will say we didn’t think it was the ideal place for children especially babies. The main form of transportation is the Vaporetto. They are jammed packed with people going from one end to the other so for a little one it seems it would be rather scary. We mainly explored the waterways, people watched and attended the Peggy Guggenheim Museum. We would start the day with the trusty map all marked by Mateo, our house host, and it never failed we would be lost. All those narrow streets look alike. We weren’t the only ones. Everywhere people had the maps open, looking confused. It was quite warm so sunscreen and hats  are a must.

The second day we tried to get an early start to see the famous Rialto fish market. You cannot believe the different types of seafood. The locals were there picking up their groceries. We are fond of seafood so it was a thrill to watch the locals and the vendors making the exchange.

Down the path from our B&B was a vegetable  and fruit stand. It was nice to have fresh fruit for a snack. One thing that is different from our stores is that you aren’t suppose to touch any of the produce. You just point as to what you would like and they pick it up and say “okay”? We finally saw some Pomodoro Tomatoes. These were used along with San Marzano’s in the sauce we had in our cooking class. Yum!

Christopher wanted some night images of Venice, so he ventured out to find that the city is alive with everyone else doing the same thing. He met a young man from Latvia who shared some of ideas on photography. The two of them came back with some interesting shots.

To cap off the end of the vacation, we sat in the patio area of our B&B and watched on of the two turtles make its way around the yard. Then it as back on the vaporetto to the train station to Milan.





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